Monday, 21 July 2014

Bournemouth & Torquay purchases.


I have been meaning to do this post for ages.

Firstly when I went to Bournemouth which was about 5-6 weeks ago now I did not buy much, like I said before the weather was gorgeous and it was too nice to do shopping for very long however I did buy a couple of things in H&M and Primark

IN H&M I bought this gorgeous little fit and flare skirt, this was in the sale for £10.00. I love the fact that its not a jersey material its more like a stiff stretchy material.

In Primark I bought this skirt, this is a lovely fit, its very stretchy like bodycon but then has these flattering little pleats The was reduced to only £3.00.  I wore it on holiday with heels and a top and its so pretty and sexy.

Then in Torquay I bought a few things firstly in New Look I bought this bikini for only £11.00.  I must admit I thought my white bikini wearing days were over but since losing weight I feel more confident and I think it looks really nice.  The main reason I bought a new bikini is when I got out of the jacuzzi in the hotel my bikini bottoms were halfway down my backside as the bottoms are too big for me now!  It was quite embarassing ha ha!

Then in H&M I purchased the following items which are mainly work clothes except the first dress.  

I love this ditsy floral cami dress its really flattering and pretty.  My camera battery died as I was taking the photo so I used the web photo. 

Black Shirt dress, this is ideal for work, again its a flattering little dress for summer or winter with a cardi.

I also got this red top for work to wear with pencil skirts or the polka dot skirt below...sorry the photo is not good it looks a lot better in reality.

Polka dot skater skirt, this is lovely for work too and again can be worn summer or winter.  

I also bought two dresses in Debenhams which I shall put in a separate post.

I really needed some new work clothes as a lot of my old ones were too big.

I sold a few things on Ebay before my holiday and made £180!!! I put that towards my spending money so that was a bonus. 


Thursday, 17 July 2014

Pick of the Sales: Asda Chelsea Boots

Hiya everyone

Before we went on holiday we were in Asda and I happened to stumble across these boots sat in the sale section all on their own.  I actually bought these boots at full price earlier in the year but I took them back as the size 5 was too big and they did not have a 4!  When I saw these I was so happy as they happened to be a size 4 and they fit like a dream, 

I really love these boots they are comfy and stylish and for £10 they look pretty good.

These boots look nice with bare legs, opaque tights or denim.

I feel like I have not done a haul post in a while but I have got a collective haul coming very soon.


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Holiday NOTD

Hiya everyone

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous post.  I think since losing weight I have gained more confidence and have been happier about my body for the first time in a very long time.  I am just being so careful what I eat now.

I am writing this post and my cat Ollie is watching my fingers as I type, getting ready to pounce I think. He has a thing about my laptop, he is always a resting his head against it or walking across the keyboard or just staring at it! Cats are so funny :) He actually send a private message to someone once, of course it was all gobbledygook but it was hilarious.

When I was in Bournemouth I picked up a glitter nail varnish called basically 'Pink Glitter'. It was part of a set with a pale pink polish in H&M for only £1.00 in the sale.

I loved the glitter but wanted to try it with the Rimmell Rita Ora 'Lose your Lingerie' polish that I love so much...I was pretty pleased with the result.  This was with 2 coats of the Rita Ora and 1 coat of the glitter polish.

The polish was so good it lasted a week before becoming chipped.

I love this now and I want to wear it all the time, only problem is the glitter polish is so hard to remove from your nails you literally have to scrub it off.

What do you think?  Do you like glitter polish and if so what it the best way to remove it?


Saturday, 12 July 2014

I'm back from my holidays.....with an outfit post :)

Hello everyone

I am back from my holidays but I wish I wasn't!!! I hate coming home after a holiday :( especially when we had such a lovely time.

I have loads of posts coming up but thought I would start by doing a quick hello and an outfit post, this was taken on the first day of our holiday.

I love this Topshop Tea Dress which I bought earlier this year.  I think the red suits me and I love the style.  The nude sandals are Primark's own, these are so comfy and I think they look really nice.  The bag is by new bag from Mantaray at Debenhams....oh and the big smile is all mine! ha ha

Its strange most people come back from holiday putting on weight but I have actually lost weight...I suppose we did do a lot of walking and I ate quite healthy really with the odd treat mixed in. 

Anyway more posts from me soon and I will be catching up on all your lovely blogs this weekend.

Take Care


Friday, 4 July 2014

My new bag :)

Hello everyone 

So glad its finally the weekend and in case I have not mentioned it we go on holiday on Sunday..yipee  Its also our 11th wedding anniversary time flies. 

Last weekend I went into town as I was a bit bored as Mike had to work.  I popped into Debenhams as they had 20% off and as I had lost weight I wanted to get a bra fitting...over an hour later I came out of Debenhams with two bras, a watch, a handbag and a pair of Faith boots in the sale!!!

This post is about the bag which was in the Mantaray range.  I happened to be leaving Debenhams, having spent a small fortune and there in front of me was this gorgeous had 'Lisa' written all over...well in my head anyway! 

I love the floral butterfly :) 

Now I think you have to admit this is most definitely a bag thats so me.  Its tan, it has a ruffle/frlll...double tick and it has a floral butterfly.....triple tick....I adore this bag.

It was originally £39 but they had 20% off so I got it for £31, to me its worth every penny.

I am taking this on holiday on Sunday this is a sort of all year round bag too I think this will be getting a lot of use.

I will post about my watch and boots after my holiday.

Take care



Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Weightloss Wednesday


We are having such gorgeous weather at the moment and we are off to Devon on looking forward to a holiday.  I just hope the weather lasts! 

This time last year we were in Zante and I was looking back over old photos and could not believe how much weight I have lost since then.

This photo was taken in Zante last July, oh my god look how hideous my arms were! When I saw this photo I was so upset and vowed never to show anyone.  You can see  my legs were really threy always are but thats about it!  I cut my face out as I had a small double chin which I hated too.

This is the dress now.

Now admittedly I was not standing at a good angle in the 1st photo but still you can see a very big difference.  My stomach is nowhere near as huge as it looks in that photo now and my arms are a lot slimmer too. Plus my small double chin has gone.  My bust has gone from a 36H to a 32F...still got the boobies lol but I am feeling so much better.

I used to have awful back fat which was the one thing I absolutely detested but now I have hardly any.  My bottom is a lot smaller too.  I am not saying I am skinny and I don't ever think I will be a size 8 but I am really happy how I am now.

I am never going back to the size 14 that I was, I am not saying a size 14 is massive but for me I felt very uncomfortable.

My diet has changed so much I don't eat much chocolate now, no cake or normal bread.  I eat GF bread and GF biscuits but I only have one a day where I used to have about 5 plus I used to snack on chocolate.  I can eat Pombears as they are GF and I love these I mean where have they been all my life, plus they are low in calories and fat.

Anyway what do you think of my new sandals in the last two photos courtesy of Primark?  They were only £8.00 and they are my summer favourites.  I love them so much as they go with everything plus I love nude shoes as they go so well with a tan. 

Take Care


Friday, 27 June 2014

In the sales - Select


Last week I had a day off work as I had an apppintment in town so while I was there I thought I would have a little mooch in the sales.

I popped into Select as sometimes they have some really pretty dresses and you can pick up the odd gem in the sale. I was so happy I went in there as I picked up two dresses on the sale rail that I adore.

I found this dress in black and cream and I love them so much I bought both. They were both reduced to £10 (orignally £15) so not a massive saving but I really love the dress and it really suits me.

I love the design, the floral print and the peter pan collar.  I feel the photos don't do this dress justice as its really stunning! 

Personally the cream is my favourite but probably as I love lighter colours!  Which one is your favourite?

Have a lovely weekend