Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Two Fake Tan Reviews: L'Oreal Sublime Dark Tanning Gel & Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer


Sorry I did promise to do a couple of fake tan reviews a while back and I apologise for taking so long with this.

L'Oreal Sublime Dark Tanning Gel 

Firstly this retails at £12.99 in Boots. I used to love L'Oreal Sublime tan I used it all the time, it was fabulous! However they then decided to change the formula and I found it was not as good so stopped using this.  I mean why do they change things when they are good, like the saying goes 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'! 

Anyway I was seduced by the fact that this said 'dark' on the bottle and was expecting it to be really good.  As someone who is always tanned all year round I was expecting this to be dark...very dark...unfortunately its not! 

Its extremely sticky, it looks like syrup and when you apply it you really need to rub it in till you feel you have rubbed it in enough and then rub some more!  It takes ages to dry, I put it on about 8pm at night and I woke up around 1am and it still felt stickyl!  It smells very strong, so strong it put me off a lot! 

Maybe I expecting too much but as it was called 'dark' I was thinking I would wake up looking like I had been abroad for 2 weeks....I was a tad disappointed as it was not that dark.  A few days later I applied it again and I literally slathered loads on and this time I was a lot darker but it was also a bit patchy especially on my feet and hands.  Maybe I needed to apply it better! I do always put moisturiser on my feet, knees, elbows and hands as tan always seems to settle in those places but even with that it was patchy.

Overall I would not buy it again I think it was a waste of money and its not exactly a really cheap tan. 

Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer

This retails at £11.49 however it was on offer in Boots and I think I paid around £7.00 for it.  

This is like a dark brown thick consistency with like shimmery bits in.  I felt this was easier to apply as it was not sticky and as it has colour you could sort of see where you had put it.  It does not promise to be dark and in all fairness it wasn't, however at least I did not feel sticky all night.

Again I applied this about 8pm at night and woke the next morning imagining the two weeks in the sun tan, but yet again I was left disappointed..maybe I expected too much but to be honest it hardly gave me any colour!

I felt this was a waste of money plus again it was a bit patchy.

I would not purchase this again but I will say it was slightly better than the L'Oreal one.

So far the best tan I have ever used is Sienna X so from now on I am sticking to that one.  I tend to love my Sienna X spray tans too.  I recently purchased an item from the Sienna X range which I shall be doing a review on soon.  Also I still love my Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs,  personally for me this is a foolproof!  



Friday, 8 May 2015

Outfit Post - Bank Holiday Monday

Hiya everyone

Well bank holiday weekend was mainly spent relaxing and chilling out.  The weather was not that great anyway so I decided to have a good clear out and a really good spring clean.  I find when you work full time sometimes it nice to just kick back and relax all weekend :)

On bank holiday Monday the weather was a bit sunnier and we decided to go out for lunch, this was my outfit.
I felt it was not warm enough for bare legs just yet so I decided to put my new Primark Broderie Anglais dress with my jeggings and a blazer and I quite liked the look.

Nude Blazer = Primark
White Dress - Primark
Indigo Jeggings - New Look Petite
Nude Peep toe sandals - Primark
Nude Bow Belt - Primark

My weightloss is going really well and now I am losing around a 1lb a week.  To be honest I have reached my target weight but I would like to lose just a tad more. :) 

Take care


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Cardiff Summer Holiday purchases ♥ mainly H&M!


A couple of Saturdays back Mike and I went to Cardiff for the day...its not too far from us and I really love shopping in Cardiff, its so massive and everything is quite close together.  

I did end up buying quite a bit so here is my haul mainly from H&M.  I think H&M always have great summer clothing.


White lace Playsuit,  I have always wanted some white crochet shorts for my holiday but when I saw this in H&M I had to have it.  It was only £14.99 and it looks so nice on.  My husband really loves this on me too :) 

Ditsy Floral Cut-out Dress, again another pretty dress I love the colours together and it fits really nice too.  This was only £12.99 which I thought was a bargain for something that looks so nice.

Floral Denim Shorts, I love these and they were only £7.99.  I really wanted some shorts for my holiday and these are just perfect.  They are like cream denim with the floral design.  They also had them in plain colours like peach, black etc!

Pink Frill sleeve top, awww this is so adorable and girly.  This was £6.99 and although its slightly cropped it will be fine for my holiday or I will wear a longline vest under.  They had this in Cream and Mint too but you know me I love my pink! 

The colour looks a tad washed out here but its actually a really pretty peachy/pink.

♥New Look♥

Not very impressed with New Look lately however I did purchase this peach lace back cardigan


The Primark in Cardiff is lovely...its massive and had loads but unfortunately not many items I really loved!
However I found a few nice items.

I got this Broderie Anglais ( I ♥ Broderie Anglais) dress this was £5.00, its just a dress for the beach really.

Coral butterfly PJ Bottoms and Coral Lace Shoulder top, love these so much they are super comfy and I love the legging PJ's as I am short they seem to be better for me.  They are like a biscuit colour with coral butterflies on.  

I was searching for a top to wear with them and found this which is actually a 6-8 (the same as the bottoms) it looks bigger though!  However when I got home I realised this looks so nice its actuallly too nice to wear  to bed so I may keep this to wear with shorts on holiday or jeans! I have got a vest top I can wear with the bottoms. 

Rose print flip flops, every time we go abroad I always head to Primark for cheap flip flops as they are ideal for wearing on the beach as the sand is usually so hot it burns your feet!  These were only £1.50.

and finally this inflatable bath pillow....I have literally wanted one of these for ages and this was only £1.50.  I love the pretty print too...its very me! 

To be honest I really don't need anymore summer clothes as I have so much already, however knowing me I will probably end up seeing other things I want over the coming weeks!

What do you think of my haul?  Are you jetting off anywhere nice soon?

Take care and have a lovely bank holiday weekend :)

Lisa Jane

Monday, 20 April 2015

♥ ASOS & Misguided Online Orders ♥

Hiya everyone I hope you all had a lovely weekend. :) 

I had such a lovely weekend as the hubby and I went to Cardiff.  It was a beautiful day and I love Cardiff,  especially for shopping.  There are literally loads of shops, but what I like is that its not so busy that you cannot walk anywhere like London.

I noticed there was at least 2 H&M's, 2 New Looks and they have a new Primark which I think opened last year so I was in shopping heaven!  I also love Zara in Cardiff however was disappointed as there was nothing that really stood out for me in there! 

I bought a few things which I shall put into another post as firstly I wanted to show you my little online orders I made recently with ASOS and Missguided.

Firstly to Missguided where I ordered this pretty little dress.   I don't generally order much from Missguided but I have had my eye on this dress for ages.  Now we are going to Majorca I feel its ideal for going out in the evening with wedges. I notice it looks so short on the model but luckily as I am so short its ok on me. 

I just adore the pretty pattern I feel so girly in this.  I am so glad I ordered it when I did as its now sold out. 

Then on the Asos website I noticed this rather lovely bikini in the sale.

  They only had size 8's left in the bottoms which fit really well. What I really like about this bikini is they do bra cup sizes and they go up to a G I think!  The top was £6.50 and the bottoms £4.50 which I think is a bargain for such a lovely good quality bikini.   Another thing I love about this bikini is you can wear it quite cleavage busting like the model has it or if you don't do it up so tight it actually makes your boobs appear a bit smaller and more covered so I think I will wear it like that instead, plus its very supportive for larger chests! 
Because of my weightloss all my bikinis are way too big apart from one I got in the New Look sale not long ago.  So I have a couple of pretty bikinis for my holiday now :

I also ordered these little sandals....I love the fact they are Apricot colour as I love that peachy/apricot colour that seems to be really in now.

and I ordered these little pointed nude pumps.  I really like these however I was worried they may make my feet look massive.  To be honest they are a tad too big I think I could have got the 3 but they are really nice and look quite classy.  I much prefer pointed pumps I think they make your legs look longer and are just more elegant.

So what do you think of my haul?  Have you been making any online orders lately?


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Life update....and a couple of 5 Pound dresses!

Hiya everyone

I have been such a bad blogger of late, 'smack hand', I still have my fake tan reviews to do and I also have a bedroom update.  I also made a sneaky online order at Asos and Missguided this weekend...oops! :)

I have a few things to look forward to as Mike and I are going to Cardiff next Saturday we are going to go shopping and maybe a bit of sightseeing.  I really love Cardiff for shopping.

In May we are going away for a long weekend to Torquay and last weekend we finally booked a holiday!  We are off to Majorca in July so we are both looking forward to that.

Around this time last year as many of you will know I was poorly for quite a long time and that;s how I started my weightloss.  Since that time I have cut out gluten from my diet and also cut out junk food and in the process in the space of a year have lost around 2 and a half stone.  Since my last post I have lost another 2lb.

I am now easily getting into size 8-10's and am a lot happier.

Anyway I have mentioned Everything 5 Pounds in a previous post but I like this online site.  They do have some things that are maybe a tad cheap looking but also they have some really nice items and all at just £5.00.

I made a little order the other week for 2 dresses I thought would be ideal for work and at just a fiver each what more can you ask for!

I ordered this Peter Pan Collar Shift Dress, when it arrived it had a Peacocks tag on and was originally £18.00! It is fabulous quality its stretchy thick material like 'ponte' material and its a nice ideal length for work.

and this Ruffled Hem Shift Dress,  this has no tag on but the label said 'Limited' it looked like a Wallis dress!  Again another fab dress for a fiver! 

Anyway many apologies for my lack of posting and lack of reviews that I promised, I will do these very soon.  I will also show you my online orders.   :)  Plus I am thinking of holding a giveaway very soon...I just need to get back into 'the blogging'!

Take care


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Bristol Fashion Week and Bristol Haul.

Hello everyone

Sorry for such a long delay between posts, I have just been quite busy.

Last weekend I caught up with a friend and we attended the Bristol Fashion Show.  In the past Mark Hayes (the fashion stylist on This Morning Britain) and Andrew Barton (celebrity hairdresser) presented it and the banter between them was very funny, however this year it was presented by Mark Hayes and Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea. I felt it lacked a bit of its usual humour which was disappointing. The tickets were £8.95 and for that price you get to see the catwalk show which was fabulous as usual and you also got a goody bag which contained various samples and products.

Unfortunately we got there a bit later than expected and ended up sitting on a row near the back, this was the view.  To be honest we still had a good view this photo is not the best! 

I really enjoyed the catwalk show, they have models of all shapes and sizes and different ages.  I was not keen on the 'Brights' section where they mixed bright yellow with bright blue and red! Not my type of thing. However I loved some of the items especially this pretty dress from Superdry.  Its £50 though which I think is very expensive for a cotton dress! It looked amazing on the model on the catwalk though and I loved the scalloped edging.

Afterwards we went shopping and I purchased a few items:

Firstly to New Look where I picked up this gorgeous Cameo Rose Floral Bustier Dress.  I really love the colours on this dress and how nice they look together.

Also in New Look I purchased this pinstripe skirt in the sale. Being that I am only 5ft 3ins this is a bit too long for me and midi length does not suit me at all!  Therefore as it was only a fiver and fitted me really well I decided I would buy it and take it up to just above the knee.

Then in Dorothy Perkins I picked up probably my most favourite item this gorgeous crochet shoulder jumper/top.  I love this its so pretty plus I got 30% off...bonus!  It looks so much nicer on than in the photo. 

I also picked up this pretty stretchy bracelet in the sale too.

Lastly in H&M I purchased this pretty lace top which I just thought was so versatile. I love lace!

and this beige pencil skirt.  Again I really wanted some skirts that were for work.  This goes so well with many of my tops especially the lace one above and will be lovely for spring/summer!

and I also got this pretty peachy pink lace peplum top in the sale for £7.00, this is gorgeous. Used stock photo as I had uploaded all my photos and forgot this one!!

What do you think of my haul?  Do you love lace?

I will be catching up on all your blogs sometime today :) 

Take care


Saturday, 21 March 2015

March haul - Primark, H&M & George

Hello everyone

I am back with another big haul! 

This haul mainly consists of tops among a few other things and these items have been purchased over the past few weeks!   

Firstly in Primark I purchased a few basics. 

  I purchased these two cardigans in like a blush peachy pink and an ivory colour for £4.90 each in Primark.  I don't know what's wrong with Primark sizing lately but I had to get a size 6 in these where as I am more of an 8-10!  I love these cardi's though as they are really stretchy and  soft.

Two basic vest tops in nude and white.

Cute daisy print vest

I love Primark homeware I think the homeware is better than the clothing.   I love this floral hand towel.

Love these little peep toe lazer cut sandals 

I have been really disappointed with Primark dresses lately they seem really poor quality and I am not keen on the patterns/prints! 

Anyway onto H&M where I purchased the following:

I do love how H&M always seem to do nice tops and at a really reasonable price.  I love this peach burnout lace effect top, its so lovely on and it looks really nice with skinny jeans or I may wear it to work with a skirt.

This cute little floral vest top I thought was just so nice especially with jeggings or shorts when its warmer.

Mauve lace top t-shirt

I also bought this cardigan it was only £7.99. I used the stock photo as the photo I took does not show how pretty this cardigan is.  Its such a great thin cardi to throw on when you just want a bit of cover.  I have a dress very similar to the one she is wearing in this photo too and it would go so nice with this cardigan! 

Also I saw this pretty make up bag by the till :) 

Then onto George in Asda where I purchased these cute little floral pumps in the sale for £3.00.  I wore these today and they are so comfy and look so sweet.

I also loved these mugs in Asda so bought a couple.

I did also purchase a couple of dresses but I will put these in a seperate post.  Also look out for a couple of fake tan reviews and an ebay bargain! 

Have you been buying much lately?

Take care