Saturday, 31 January 2015

♥♥♥ Haul and an outfit post ♥♥♥

Hiya everyone

As a self confessed shopaholic you would expect I go shopping a lot!  Well I must admit I feel I have not been shopping in ages I mean like a proper shopping session.  Last weekend I met up with a friend I have not seen since before christmas and we went shopping :)   
We had such a fab day including a free meal at Chiquitos!!  To cut a long story short we had a lovely meal (they even have a gluten free menu now) anyway when I ordered desert they bought out my ice cream in like a pastry basket (hard to explain and I am not sure what its called)  I was unsure if the 'basket'  looking thing was gluten free (usually I would ask but all the waitresses had disappeared and I had ordered it from the GF menu.  However as I was unsure I thought I would just eat the ice cream but not the 'basket'  thing...whatever it was!  After I finished eating we asked for the bill and the manager came over knelt down very quietly by our table and asked if I had eaten any of the 'basket'...I said no but there had been a couple of bits in the ice cream.. She was very red faced and was sincerely apologetic, she said I should not have been given it and therefore we had no bill!!  It was great we did not have to pay but I do think that oversight could have been costly to someone if they had eaten it. I could have been quite ill! 

Anyway drama over we then went shopping which was fun.  I did buy quite a few things which was surprising as I has been moaning how rubbish the high street is at the moment...!

Firstly in New Look I bought this white shirt dress, I have wanted a plain white shirt dress for a while and it looks like shirt dresses are going to be big this spring/summer.  I thought it would look lovely with denim jeggings and pretty ballet pumps or sandals.  

Then in H&M I purchased this pretty floral dress.   I love the pink floral print and it was only £12.99

I wore this dress today I am so chuffed that I can get into a size 10 in H&M especially as this has no stretch at all and I find their clothing is always on the small side.  

The belt is from Primark and boots are from H&M.  I did wear it with a longline pink cardi when I went out as it was so cold...

I also purchased this laced sleeved blouse in the sale.  This was reduced to £10.00.  I find H&M sizing so weird most of their items are on the small side but this blouse is in fact a size 6!!! I mean I am a 10 with a large chest so this is in no way a proper size 6!

I love this blouse though I adore the lace sleeves.

I also got some of the Heavy Leggings which are slightly dearer than the thinner onesl  I really like these as I hate leggings that are so thin they are like opaque tights! These have a great quality look and feel to them.

Then in Accessorize I purchased this pretty pink purse.  I really love Accessorize purses they always look nice quality.  This was £5.00.  I love the little pocket on the front which you can store cards in.

This belt also from Accessorize was £8.00 reduced to £2.40,  I admit I have quite a few tan skinny belts but the quality of this one is 100 times better.

Then in Dorothy Perkins I could not resist this pretty little crochet hem top.  This too is a size 6!!! 

In Topshop another shop I rarely go into unless its to look at the sale or if there is something specific I want.  I saw these cute little pink flat shoes for £7.00 in the sale.  I am a size 4 but these are size 3 they seem to fit really well.  These will be so cute for summer.

Finally Primark was pretty rubbish but I was so lucky to find this little cute laser cut top.  I really love it and i was only £5.00. I really wanted it in pink or white/cream too but all they had was this gorgeous red and a horrible sick yellow colour!

I have not had a very good week this week really I won't go into details but on the plus side I got on the scales this morning and I was another 2lb lighter.  I am now the lowest weight I have been for about 10 years...still want to lose more though! 

Have a lovely weekend

Take care


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Spring wishlist (so far!)

Hello everyone

I cannot wait for the warmer weather I am so sick of it being cold and dreary.   

I have got my eye on a few Spring items in Topshop and one dress in ASOS.  I am extremely tempted to order the 1st pair of shoes from Topshop......they are different for me but there is something I love about them.  Mike was not keen when I showed him though ha ha but I love them!

BARTON Mid-Heel Shoes in Nude

Crochet Trim T-Shirt Dress by Rare

Bell Sleeve Printed Mini Dress by Band Of Gypsies

ASOS Mini Skater Dress with Butterfly Embroidery

Have you got a wishlist for Spring 2015?


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Ebay bargains - Topshop Dress & Primark Boots

Hello lovelies

I always think there is nothing better than when you get a really good bargain.  I love Charity shops as its so exciting when you go in not knowing what you are going to find. Sometimes you are disappointed as there is nothing exciting and then just sometimes you come across things that you love or have been looking for ages!  I love Ebay too, I do think it has some annoying downsides but its great when you find things you love at low prices.  I love a good bargain like most people!   I was browsing on Ebay the other day, I am not sure if you do this but I try and tend to put misspelt words like Topsop or Miss Selfidge in the search bar as sometimes you can get some great bargains that way.  Also I often do an advanced search and put in my size and filter between 0.01 to 1.99 ending within 5 hours and you can find some gems that way too!

 I managed to find this Topshop Petite Floral Shirt dress the other day and I have been lusting after this dress for ages!  When I was in Zante last year I saw a girl wearing it and I really wanted it.  It was originally £38.00 I think,  I would not have spend that much on it.  I managed to get it on ebay for £6.00 including postage and its like new!   The only downside is that its mega mega short!  I am only 5ft 3ins but there is no way I would wear this as a dress and it just about covers my bottom but it looks lovely with blue jeggings.   I love this dress so much :) I cannot wait for the warmer weather so I can wear it.  Plus I do love a good shirt dress and it looks like they are going to be big this summer!

I also managed to get these Primark long tan boots for £1.99 plus postage.  I know they are only Primark so not a major bargain but one of my friends has these boots and the cost her £20.00 plus these are like new!

Do you buy and sell much on ebay?


Sunday, 11 January 2015

January sales

Hiya everyone and happy new year (sorry its a bit late! ) 

I just thought I would do a quick post to show you a couple of my January sales buys.

I did place an order with ASOS on Boxing Day but was extremely disappointed when it arrived and it all went back.

I did have some luck when I went shopping on the High Street though, in Office I bought these tan leather boots with a gift card I had they were £95 reduced to £45.00
I love these boots ♥

Then in Mango I purchased this little summer dress.   I know its not anywhere near summer yet but this was only £8.99 and I love the print.  I can imagine wearing this with nude wedges sporting a lovely tan :) 

In Topshop I purchased this little nude collar top for £8.00

I also ordered these shoes from Dorothy Perkins as I just love the scallop effect.  These are new in and not in the sale.

I am very disallusioned with shopping at the moment there seems to be hardly anything I have really loved for a while now, even my beloved Primark is useless at the moment.   In fact I have found Primark utterly rubbish for the past 3-4 months! 

I cannot wait for the shops to start getting their spring/summer clothes in now.

What are your thoughts on the High Street at the moment?


Monday, 29 December 2014

My christmas ♥

Hiya everyone 

My christmas was really relaxing,  on Christmas Eve Mike and I went shopping.  To be honest it was more like browsing than actual shopping as we did not have to buy too much.  We then decided to go to Bella Italia for lunch, I love Bella Italia they have quite a lot of Gluten Free choices and Mike loves the mushroom starter he has it everytime we go there! 

 We then popped to Asda which was packed, anyone would think the shops were closed for a week not just a day! We bought a few bits and headed home.  Once home I wrapped the remaining presents up and then I made a Gluten Free Victoria sponge.  I hardly eat cake now so I thought it would be nice at christmas to have a treat plus as we were going to Mike's parents for christmas I thought it would be nice to take something with us.  I did cheat and used Betty Crocker Buttercream for the filling along with Strawberry jam.  Even if I say so myself the cake tasted really nice and Mike's parents loved it.  They said they could not tell the difference between GF and normal Victoria Sponge.

On Christmas Day we opened our presents in bed, I am not going to show you everything I had as I don't really like doing that, I mainly had gift cards amongst other lovely gifts but I had to show you my Body Shop perfumes that Mike knows I love,  Strawberry scent and Japanese Cherry Blossom. I would much rather have these than any expensive perfumes.

   Also I got  this gorgeous Jasper Conran handbag.

After we opened our presents we had breakfast in bed and got ready.  I like to dress up on Christmas day but I am struggling with clothes at the moment as where I have lost weight most of my dresses are too big!  I wore my M&S heart
print skater dress which was from the M&S Limited Collection Petite range.  We got to Mike's parents around 12ish and Mike's neice was there she is currenly at Uni and was home for christmas.  It will probably be her last christmas in the UK as she is off to China later next year and will be spending christmas 2015 in China.  I have known her since she was 2 years old so its rather sad.  She bought her boyfriend who I had ever met before...he was really nice.  He is chinese and has never had christmas in the UK before so he tried all the british traditions like christmas pudding etc etc...not sure what he made of it all though ha ha! We took loads of photos and then sat down to a lovely christmas dinner.  I had the GF Victoria Sponge with double cream for dessert and the others had both the sponge and christmas pudding lol...we were all stuffed!

We then opened our presents and then played Mr & Mrs, which was hilarious, it was so funny we were literally crying with laughter.

We had a such a great day, we came home about 6pm and then Mike and I snuggled up with Ollie and watched Miranda and Eastenders. I had to watch Muriel's Wedding which was on later I absolutely love that film. 

Boxing day was spent in bed with my laptop browsing the online sales!!  No way was I going out on Boxing Day!  I am so glad I stayed at home after seeing the news with the shops all jammed.  I ordered a few things from ASOS and Mango which I shall post about later.

All in all we had a fabulous christmas.

Hope you all had a great time and looking forward to 2015.

Take care


Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Christmas Tag - slightly late!!

Hiya everyone

I hope you all had a lovely christmas and were spoilt rotten.  I saw this tag on Stephanie blog

 before christmas but have only just got around to doing it!!! tut tut

1. What is your favourite Christmas Movie/s?
It has to be Love Actually! 

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Definitely Christmas day! Usually we open them in bed and then if we go to family or have family around we will open their's later. 

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
Yes I remember when I was a kid I used to run into my parents room on christmas day to get them up so we could open presents. One morning my dad said can you close the wardrobe door as its slightly open  so I tried 3 times to close it but it would not shut so my dad said open the door and see what's jammimg it...inside was a massive teddy bear, it was bigger than me and I was so happy...can still remember that so clearly.  I have loads of great memories of christmas as a kid.   

4. Favourite festive food?
I love the roast dinner!  Before I lost weight I would say it was the chocolates but I have hardly had any this christmas. 

5. Favourite Christmas gift?
Sorry I am going to say a few!  Gosh there are so many but I think the best was when Mike bought me a bear factory monkey!!  It even had a birth certificate and clothes etc!!!! ha ha  Also a Clogau necklace last year..its gorgeous.  As a child I think the time my parents bought me a Rupert The Bear, I was about 5 and I still have it by my bed.  It's quite a big bear and was handmade by a lady and it still looks like new after all these years. Whenever I look at it I think of my dad, its holds dear memories. 

6. Favourite Christmas scent?
The smell of the christmas dinner!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Yes, when I was a kid I would always go to bed and read a book and it started with 'Twas the night before christmas and all was asleep not a creature was stirring not even a mouse'.  I can remember reading that and being so excited I could not sleep :)

8. What tops your tree?
A star!

9. As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I was and still am a very girly girl but I remember I really wanted a proper train set! haha and also I wanted a wendy house like a massive one I could sit in and a rocking horse! Not too much then!!!

10. What's the best part about Christmas for you?
It has to be spending time with Mike and my family and not having to go to work.  I love sitting on the sofa watching tv and films just me, Mike  and Ollie our cat!

Let me know if you do the tag!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Pre Christmas Sales Haul

Hello everyone

Well its only a couple of days until christmas :) 

Over the past few weeks I have been taking advantage of the early sales and fabulous online discounts some of high street stores have had.

In H&M I purchased this warm winter jacket for only £15.00 reduced from £30.00.  Its a nice jacket its not warm enough for extreme winter weather but I get really hot when I am out so this is ideal for going from and to work and for shopping etc.  I am not a fan of black coats/jackets but I made this look a bit more glam by wearing it with a faux fur scarf.  I really want a faux fur hat too! 

(Sorry about the photo it looks faded in parts, must be my camera!) 

Also in H&M I purchased this cream jumper, I really love the detailed pointelle sleeves and I have found lately jumpers seem to be massively oversized and where I am quite small I much prefer fitted jumpers.  This ons fits really nicely and is a bit stretchy.  This was not in the sale it was £14.99.

I am not a massive fan of Dorothy Perkins,  however lately I have purchased quite a few things online from them.  They had some amazing discounts and there were a few items I really loved.  I got these grey pumps for work they were £15.00 reduced to £7.00 with all the discounts. 

Then I purchased this Pinafore dress for work which was reduced to £13.00 after discounts. I noticed they still have this online but its now back to the normal price of £30.00.  I must admit I would not have paid £30 for it as its not lined but its a good dress for the price I paid.  I got this in a size 8 but its more like a 10.

Also I got this Navy Blue Crochet Collar top, this was reduced to £12.00, Its now back to its normal price of £18.00.  Its a lovely top and a nice fit.

This hat was in Sainsburys for £2.50 reduced from £5.00. I like it worn with the gloves below and my cream winter coat.

These mittens were £3.00 in Primark.

Also I have to show you my new favourite beauty buy.....Spray oil, this is amazing! It makes your hair feel so so soft and makes it look shinier and healthier.  I love this,  its  £3.00 in Boots at the moment. :)   Have you tried this

I also made a Forever 21 order so I shall post about these items seperately.

Well have a lovely christmas everyone.

Take Care and have a lovely time :)