Sunday, 23 November 2014

Holiday haul

Hiya everyone

As I mentioned in a previous post I purchased a few winter and items while I was in Devon.

Debenhams had their 25% off and I fell in love with this dress. Its from the Pussycat range.  I do love this label.
I love everything about this dress, its an ideal winter dress and I love the embroidery.

In New Look I purchased these 2 skirts both for work.

Also in the sale area I picked up this Apricot Floral Shirt dress.  Its one of those dresses you can wear in winter with tights but also in summer with sandals.

and I got these shoes for a fiver.  These are most definitely summer shoes but I wanted these when they came out last summer but could not find them.

In H&M I purchased this basic tops. 

Take care


Friday, 14 November 2014

Back from a lovely week away

Hiya everyone

We have just got back from a few days in Devon at our favourite hotel. It was my birthday last Monday and my husband booked for us to go away. Although the weather was pretty stormy we had such a lovely relaxing time.
As the weather was pretty awful we spent most of our time in the hotel's gorgeous swimming pool and jacuzzi and also shopping!!!  I ended up purchasing quite a few winter items which I shall blog about in another post.

I also bought a few xmas presents, its unusual for me to start christmas shopping this early.  I cannot believe christmas is like 6 weeks away!  

Tomorrow I am meeting up with my best friend, her birthday is in November too so we always have a joint celebration.  I have booked for us to have Afternoon Tea in a posh hotel so I am really looking forward to it.  I found somewhere that does Gluten Free and Dairy Free Afternoon Tea's (my friend is dairy free) imagine us trying to find places to eat...ha ha

Anyway I will be catching up with all your blogs over the weekend.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend


Friday, 7 November 2014

Clothing & homeware haul

Hello everyone

Just thought I would show you a few of my recent purchase.

Firstly I ordered these two dresses from New Look.....

The first one is a Pussycat dress...its really lovely.  Its like a stretchy knit style dress and I love the lovely white embroidery and white lace trim.  It does remind me of a sexy maid ha ha but I think its so cute and feminine!

This dress looks really short on the model but I loved the print and the style.  I was so glad I ordered it as its nowhere near as short on me (maybe because I am a shortie lol). The photo does not do it justice as it fits so nicely.

I loved the look of this skirt online but when I received it I was not 100%.  I love the colour and the style but I don't know it sort of lacks something.....I just don't know what!  I think I am returning this which is a shame as I really want a check mini skirt. 

Love this skirt.  I was not keen on houndstooth as it reminds me of old ladies but I actually think this is lovely and cannot imagine an old lady wearing it ha ha

Then when I was in Tesco a few days ago I saw this cushion and had to get it....its gorgeous and so soft and has a luxurious soft feeling.

This mirror was £2.99 in B&M Bargains....its really pretty.

Anyway hope you liked my haul :) 

Have a lovely weekend


Saturday, 1 November 2014

Style Inspiration - Jenna Coleman


I am not a massive Doctor Who fan I mean I don't hate it but I am not someone who is an avid fan but I love to watch it to see what Clara wears!  I adore the lovely actress Jenna Coleman I love her style as Jenna and as Clara. I think Jenna is so pretty and petite.  She is adorable and naturally beautiful unlike a lot of the fake looking celebrities you see these days!

I want to get a skirt like that! 

Who do you admire at the moment?



Sunday, 26 October 2014

Primark Purchases - Red & Checks!

Hiya everyone

I really am sorry for my lack of posts I need to get my act together and find some inspiration from somewhere! 

In 2 weeks its my birthday and Mike and I are off to Devon for a week, so looking forward to that as I feel like lately all I have done is work!  

Yesterday a friend of mine came to Bristol and we had a lovely catch up with lunch at Zizzi's and a spot of shopping.

I did not spend much at all really, I bought 2 items in Primark and that was it but what I did get was rather lovely.

I purchased this red fit and flare winter coat...this coat was £25 and its so nice and warm.  Its a size 10 (I have lost a bit more weight since I last blogged and am now into a size 10 :).  Its not as warm as my proper wool coat but it will be nice for autumn and to be honest I get really hot when I am walking anyway so this will be nice.

This coat fits so nicely it goes in lovely at the waist then flares out and the belt pulls your waist in even more, plus its a proper red colour (not orange, not dark red but actual proper red)!  I love this coat and it looks so much more expensive than £25.   I have 3 cream coats so I wanted a coat with some colour as well :) . 

I also purchased this check skirt which is so nice on, its ideal for work.  I admit I am not a fan of checks in fact its safe to say I hate checks BUT this skirt can be excused as its just so lovely and style is really nice.  This was only £6.00...and its a bargain.

I have also made a couple of online orders too which I shall tell you about when I receive them.

I will be catching up on all your blogs tonight.

Take care


Sunday, 12 October 2014

All the fun at the Vintage Fair

Hello everyone

Last Saturday they had Lou Lou's Vintage Fair on in Bristol so myself and a Friend decided to go and have a look around.  It was only £2.00 entry and it was really good with loads of people selling a lot of vintage clothing and some home goods and jewellery.   They also had a rather lovely tea and cake stall and the cakes looked amazing, especially with the vintage tea sets.  

I ended up buying 2 tops and some earrings.  

The first top is probably not to everyone's taste but I love these little tie detail tops and have not got any in my wardrobe.  I love the lace in fact I just love everything about it.  Its going to be one of those little tops I can put on with so many things in summer...its adorable, so girly and feminine and so very me!

The 2nd top is so pretty I love this too.

My friend and I had lunch In Weatherspoons which was rather nice although very busy but it turned about to be a lovely few hours.  I later found out later that the lovely Dawn O'Porter was there! I adore her she always looks so gorgeous,  just wished I had bumped into her! 

Yesterday Mike and I had to pop into town,I somehow managed to accidentally drop my phone down the toilet!!! eek...typical me, only I could do that!   Luckily I now have a new phone.

After we sorted  that out I could not have gone into town without popping into Primark.  I did not buy much though, I did however purchase this fake fur scarf/snood to wear with my winter coats. Its so nice and warm and I love the colour.  

I also purchased a little mirror for my handbag and some tights.  To be honest I have not bought much lately however I have my eye on a little ASOS dress in the sale which I may be purchasing!!!

Candle for the bathroom, nothing beats having a bath by candlelight when the nights get colder...only £2.00!

Mike and I ended up having lunch in our favourite little italian restaurant :) 

Have a lovely weekend


Sunday, 28 September 2014

♥ Primark, H&M ,Select & Waterstones Haul ♥

Hiya everyone

Sorry I have not posted for a while its just been so hectic at work and then most evenings I am too tired to do anything!

I just thought I would show you all what I have been buying over the past few weeks. 


I love this cardigan, they also had it in black but I preferred the creamy colour

The colour and feel of this cardigan is so nice especially considering it was only £8.00.  The colour was called 'Rose' on the label and it has scalloped edging.  Its really pretty and very stretchy.  Love this.

Pretty earrings - I especially love the flower ones!

I bought this as I had an idea to wear it under a black pinafore dress for work, it was only £3.50.  I wore it to work like this the other day and it looked really nice. I also bought this in plain white, these tops are so nice and versatile. 


This dress is like a geo print lace dress, its white which I know is not ideal for winter but I love the fact this is a bit longer so just above the knee on me and I have this idea of wearing it with long tan boots. I have seen a few outfits like this and thought how nice it looked.   

This dress was only £5 because a button had come off but there was a spare button on it so I just sewed it on.  Its very pretty and can be worn in winter with chunky cardigan and boots.  You can tell its not very well made as the hem border part is a bit wonky but when its on it does not show so much. 


Navy blue textured skater dress, this is such nice quality and feels like a more heavier fabric which is ideal for winter.  I will definitely be wearing this one to work.  

Also not something I buy much is t-shirt/tops mainly because in the past I always thought they would show too much flab but since losing quite a lot of weight I have really gotten into t-shirt/tops and fitted jumpers.  In the past if I wore skinny jeans I would always wear longline tops and a cardigan to cover my bottom but since my bottom is a lot smaller now I have had the confidence to go out without a cardigan.  


I just had to pick up the latest in the Shopaholic series, I have the whole collection and so I purchased this one.  Cannot wait to read it :) 

What have you been buying lately?