Sunday, 17 August 2014

High Street Haul - H&M, New Look, Primark and Asda

Hello everyone

Yesterday Mike had to work again for a few hours so I thought I would pop into town on my own for a little browse.  This is my latest haul :) 


I love love love this dress, its like a grey/taupe colour and its such a flattering dress and the colour really suits me too, very autumnual.  I have seen it online but everytime I see it its out of stock so I was so glad I got it in store.  I have some gorgeous knee length suede taupe boots which would go perfect with it. 

I love the colour of these shoes they look gorgeous, they are like a fake suede material.  I think the colour looks much better in reality than in the photo!

I have wanted a red hair band for ages!  This is so cute just hope I don't look like Minnie Mouse ha ha

I had an added bonus at the till as I had a H&M gift card in my purse and I thought it had nothing on it but when the girl swiped it across the terminal it came up that there was £24.99 on it!  Bonus...I had totally forgotten all about it, its so great when that happens!

New Look

I purchased this Parisian Burgundy Laser Cut Skater dress its another dress that I saw online and I was so glad I found it instore.  Its a stunning dress and I don't have much of this colour.
Its another dress ideal for autumn/winter.

I also purchased these two belts in the sale for £1.50 each.  I love my waist bets and these were perfect.


In all fairness I was extremely disappointed by Primark AGAIN! I have not found much in there I really love for months now,  I don't know I just feel its downhill.  

I really wanted a black cardigan as I only have a longline one.  This is perfect, I love the scoop neckline and the scallop effect around the top.  Plus it's a really nice material, feels more luxury ands it has lycra in so its nice and stretchy.

Two vest tops and Opaques

And I got this cute butterfly hanging hook for £1.50....really love this.

George at Asda

When I got home Mike was home so we popped to Asda to do our weekly shopping and I purchased these cute little cat slippers for £3.00 in the sale.

and an ironing board cover for only £2.00 ....I would not usually put this on my blog as its just an ironing board cover but I really love the design on this. Its an elasticated one too so a bargain for £2.00. 

What do you think of my haul?   Have you been buying much autumnal items?

I will be catching up on all your blogs tonight :) 


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Where I work!

Hello lovelies

Just a bit of a different post for me today :) 

As you may know I started a new job in March and I have to say I am really happy working here.  The team I work on is really friendly and the job is interesting.

On my lunch break the other day I thought I would take some photos of near where I work as its so nice especially in summer.

I tried to get a photo of the ferryboat cruise but it was gone too soon.  

Taken from a bridge and in the distance is Castle Park and just beyond that is Bristol's main central Shopping area

In the distance is Castle Park, in summer you usually get loads of people having picnics in large groups here or people on their lunch breaks eating their sandwiches.  

Bristol is a lovely city I think people who are born here don't really appreciate it because as far as cities go its very nice.  It has a lot of green areas and of course the waterside.

I think these photos don't really sum up how nice it is!  Its a nice walk into town on my lunchbreak . 

Hope you enjoyed my photos 

Take care


Saturday, 9 August 2014

Foxy Lady..My new Fox print dress!

Hiya everyone

I just wanted to show you my latest purchase (there has been a few...cough) but anyway I shall show you this one for now.  It's my new Fox print Dress courtesy of

I saw this last week and had to have it as I just love Fox print.  The print on this dress is just so cute.  I admit its not the most flattering dress but a bit of tailoring here and there and I think it will look even better.  

I am glad I purchased it when I did as its now out of stock! 

A close up of the gorgeous foxy print :)

I am so proud of myself as over the past 4 months I have managed to lose quite a bit of weight.  I feel I still have more to go but wanted to show you another dress I bought for work.  This is a size 10 although I think I am a large 10 at the moment but am doing my best to get myself into a proper 10.

I hardly eat any junk food at all now and just eat a lot more fruit.

Have a lovely weekend


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Early Autumnal haul!!!

Hiya everyone

Ok so I know we are in the midst of a massive heatwave with the odd shower thrown in here and there and whilst I love summer I have to admit to moaning about being too hot! I know I shouldn't after all soon we will be moaning its too cold ha ha.

I love summer clothing, pretty floral and lace dresses, summer sandals and floral hairbands but to be honest I wear most of that in winter too just with tights thrown in the mix....OK maybe not the open toe sandals but you get my drift.

I admit to longing for the shops to bring out their Autumn/Winter as thats my favourite fashion time of the year.

I have made a few autumnal purchases over the past week.

Firstly in H&M, a shop I am really liking at the moment.

Cream Pointelle jumper, love this lightweight jumper its so pretty. I love the pointelle sleeves and I love the lace strip across the top.  Its also lovely and stretchy and such a nice fit.

Red Pointelle Jumper - I loved the cream so much I also bought the red too.  They also had it in black.

Polka dot lace top, another pretty versatile little top. 

Navy Polka Dot Shirt Dress, I have this dress in black and I love it as again its so flattering and ideal work wear.  I also had it in pink but I ended up taking it back as the pink was quite washed out.

Today Mike and I went to Bath and I got these cute pumps in the New Look sale for £6.00.  I actually don't own any black pumps as I am not keen black shoes but I think these are so adorable and look really pretty on.

I also bought some brushed cotton floral PJ's in Primark.  These will be too hot to wear now but ideal for when it gets colder.

Have a lovely weekend everyone



Thursday, 31 July 2014

Outfit Post - Cami Dress

Hello everyone

Just thought I would do a quick outfit post,  I am definitely going to try and do more of these now.

I wore this cami dress last weekend its actually one of my fave dresses.  It was from H&M, and it was only £12.99. 
I love floral dresses and especially little flowers like a ditsy print.  I am not keen on big flower prints on dresses at all, maybe they just don't suit me as I am quite short and I think they look silly on me. 

The pink bow belt and tan wedges are both from New Look.

The wedges are leather and I was so lucky as I got them in the sale a couple of years ago for £10!...bargain.

Take care


Tuesday, 29 July 2014

In the Sales - Debenhams

Hiya everyone

Sorry I have not blogged much lately I have been a very bad blogger!

I think I am finding it hard to find inspiration at the moment . I want to do some outfit posts but I just forget to take photos I really need to get some inspiration!!

Anyway lets talk summer be honest I am pretty bored of them now.  I hate this time of year for shopping as this mid season thing is just annoying as all that seems to be in the shops right now are sales clothing that no one wants!  

Whilst I was in Torquay (which seems like yonks ago now) I bought a couple of dresses in the sales.

I bought both these dresses in Debenhams.

First one is the Voulez Vous Swing Lace Dress, Dororthy Perkins are selling this for £28 and I got it for £12.00 in the Debenhams sale.  I really love this dress I managed to get a size 10 too but I love the shape on me as it fits on the waist and then flares out. I am a massive fan of navy blue too!  This is a really pretty dress I don't think the photos do it justice really.  

I also bought this Pussycat dress which was £15 in the sale.  Asos are selling this at the moment for £17.50.

Take care



Monday, 21 July 2014

Bournemouth & Torquay purchases.


I have been meaning to do this post for ages.

Firstly when I went to Bournemouth which was about 5-6 weeks ago now I did not buy much, like I said before the weather was gorgeous and it was too nice to do shopping for very long however I did buy a couple of things in H&M and Primark

IN H&M I bought this gorgeous little fit and flare skirt, this was in the sale for £10.00. I love the fact that its not a jersey material its more like a stiff stretchy material.

In Primark I bought this skirt, this is a lovely fit, its very stretchy like bodycon but then has these flattering little pleats The was reduced to only £3.00.  I wore it on holiday with heels and a top and its so pretty and sexy.

Then in Torquay I bought a few things firstly in New Look I bought this bikini for only £11.00.  I must admit I thought my white bikini wearing days were over but since losing weight I feel more confident and I think it looks really nice.  The main reason I bought a new bikini is when I got out of the jacuzzi in the hotel my bikini bottoms were halfway down my backside as the bottoms are too big for me now!  It was quite embarassing ha ha!

Then in H&M I purchased the following items which are mainly work clothes except the first dress.  

I love this ditsy floral cami dress its really flattering and pretty.  My camera battery died as I was taking the photo so I used the web photo. 

Black Shirt dress, this is ideal for work, again its a flattering little dress for summer or winter with a cardi.

I also got this red top for work to wear with pencil skirts or the polka dot skirt below...sorry the photo is not good it looks a lot better in reality.

Polka dot skater skirt, this is lovely for work too and again can be worn summer or winter.  

I also bought two dresses in Debenhams which I shall put in a separate post.

I really needed some new work clothes as a lot of my old ones were too big.

I sold a few things on Ebay before my holiday and made £180!!! I put that towards my spending money so that was a bonus.