Sunday, 24 April 2016


Hello everyone

Lately I feel the high street has not had much to offer I mean where are all the pastels and pretty dresses?  I feel online you can get better bargains and discounts and lately I have started to become a bit obsessed with Asos.  I joined their Premier service and must say its well worth £9.95 a year for unlimited next day delivery.

I have seen loads of things on there I want, some in the sale and some non sale and I ended up ordering quite a lot!  I ordered about 12 items in total but sent some back.

Anyway these are the items I loved and was definitely keeping.

Missguided Ribbed Wrap Dress

This dress was £22 and I think its sold out now.  I just love everything about this dress, its a lovely dusky pink colour, the style is very flattering and I do not have anything like this in my wardrobe.

Asos Tea Dress with Ruffle Detail 

When I saw this online at full price of £35 I loved it but was worried about the ruffle part on my bust. However when I saw it reduced to £21 I thought I would order it.  I originally ordered a size 10 but it was massive on me so I re-ordered the size 8.  Its a gorgeous dress and the ruffle does not make my chest appear bigger which is what I wanted. 

Style London Dress with Contrast Hem and Belted Waist

This dress was £52 reduced to £20 and its gorgeous.  I ordered a Small but wish I had got the XS as I think it may have been better but again this is gorgeous and looks really classy. 

Monki Embroidered Button Front Dress

This was another sale item it was £30 reduced to £10 and well worth the money.  I love broderie anglais its so feminine and girly and this dress is so pretty. 

Asos Shirt Dress with Scallop Hem

This was not in the sale it did cost me £30 however I am 'scallop' mad haha!  I bought a couple of 'scallop' items in H&M the other day too.  I love this its like a thick ponte material.  Its nicely fitted and looks lovely with a tan waist belt and tan shoes.  I actually think the model does not do this dress justice. 

Asos Empire Washed Skater Dress with Lace Bib

This is a sale item it was £28 reduced to £7.00.  High necklines don't tend to suit me too well as I am busty however I love this dress and its pretty.  Its worth £7 but I will probably wear a vest top under to spare my blushes! :) 

Asos Lullaby Pointed Ballet Flats

I really wanted some nice flat tan shoes that were a bit more superior to Primark flats.  I love tan shoes/boots and much prefer wearing tan to black.   These look lovely with or without opaques tights so I am hoping these will last a while! 

What do you think of my items?  Are you obsessed with ASOS?

Take care


Monday, 11 April 2016

Online purchases

Hi lovelies 

I thought I would do an Online haul post. These are items I have bought over the past few months.


Usually I buy loads from Forever 21 but lately I have been rather unimpressed.  I did purchase this gorgeous Floral Lace Up Dress though.  I love this its stunning and I love the cream lace at the back and lace up part.


I signed up to ASOS Premier and since then its been great ordering things knowing you will get them the next day.  To be honest most of the things I have ordered have gone back apart from this gorgeous little Lola May Lace Blouse I got in the sale which was £25 reduced to £6.00.  I also bought a nice dress from ASOS which I shall keep for my 'Dress haul' coming soon!

These Cath Kidston Ditsy PJ bottoms were in the sale reduced from £25 to £8.00.


Taupe ankle Boots.  I have these boots in tan too I love them as they are so comfy and look nice with dresses.

 This Denim Pinny Dress is from the petite range and it looks massive in the photo but its actually a size 8.  I really love this dress.


I actually purchased this Trolley bag back in January.  It was in the January sales and was reduced to £ bargain.

Peach longline cardi, I love the colour of this its really pretty for spring.

Ditsy Bardot top. I love this its really stretchy and it looks lovely under my denim pinafore dress or worn with jeggings.

This cream ribbed cardigan is gorgeous its from the Teen range 915 but its one of my favourite cardigans, its so comfy and a lovely soft stretchy materal.


I got this gorgeous lace dress in the sale which was reduced to £8.  You cannot tell from the picture but its a-line and very flattering.  Its a really nice thick material too such a bargain for that price.  I don't tend to buy much in Boohoo but this is so lovely.

I have also had some great bargains from Charity Shops and Ebay of late, will show you these in a seperate haul.

Take care


Sunday, 3 April 2016

High Street Haul - Primark, H&M, Peacocks, Accessorize

Hello lovelies

Well I have not done a haul post since the 3rd January!!  I literally have tonnes of new stuff I have bought since then but most of it was online.  I thought I would kick off with the High Street Haul as this is smaller than the amount of items I have bought online! 

I took a trip to Primark about 6 weeks ago and then took another trip over the Easter weekend.

Here is what I bought:


This blue daisy print tea dress is lovely.  I like the lace up bit at the front and it's a nice length so I can also wear this to work.  Sorry the photo is not that good!

Faux Suede Stone Boots, I loved these when I bought them but have sort of gone off them...not sure why though!  I am sure I will wear them with bare legs and little dresses when the weather is warmer.

Taupe lace-up ballet flats, oh gosh totally love these.  I love the cut out design of them too.

Nude Lazer Cut Ballet Flats - these were only £6 and too cute to refuse.

Sunglasses case



Fairy Lights, I love having these pretty little lights around our headboard.

Then in H&M I purchased the following:

I bought these gorgeous rosey pink faux suede ballet pumps...I really love the colour of these.

Navy blue floral top, this was reduced to just £2.00

H&M Treggings, I adore these they are the best denim jeggings I have.  They are super flattering and a lovely shade.

In Peacocks about 6 weeks ago I picked up these tan boots.  They were reduced to £15 and I really love them.  I had some vouchers so these came in handy.

Lastly in Accessorize I bought this pretty purse.

Online I have purchased many items since January from Asos, Superdry, Motel, Dorothy Perkins, Forever 21, New Look, H&M and Joy (to name but a few!!!).  I  will do these in a seperate post as there is just too much!

Have you been buying much lately?


Friday, 25 March 2016

Outfit post - Lace & Pinafore Dress


Just thought I would do a quick outfit post.

I bought this Lola May top from ASOS which was £26.00 reduced to just £6.00 and its a stunning top.  I decided to wear it under my black pinafore dress to work and I really love this look.


White Lace Top - Lola May at ASOS

Black Pinafore dress - New Look 

Black daisy belt - New Look (ages ago)

Chelsea Boots - George at Asda (few years ago) 

I admit I am loving pinafore dresses at the moment and recently bought a denim one.  They are so versatile for summer and for now while its slightly cooler with tights.

Have a lovely Easter 



Saturday, 19 March 2016

Clothing rituals


I am back and with lots and lots of hauls coming up...great news for anyone that loves these kinds of posts.  I have had a major blogging break down and have been finding it hard to think up great ideas for posts but I really need to get back into regular blogging. I am really going to ensure from now on I make more effort with this.

I have been thinking lately about my wardrobe and rituals when I buy new buying clothing.  

As you can probaby tell from my blog 'I love Shopping' big surprise I know!!!   I have also come to realise I love even just looking inside my wardrobes, I love sorting my wardrobes and every now again I will try random things on to see if I still like them/want them! 

I also have clothing rituals!!  For instance if I have been shopping I have to keep the items I have bought that day in the carrier bags until the weekend and then I like to take them out and try then again before hanging them up (and taking photos for my blog).  If I was shopping on a Saturday they stay in the bags till Sunday!  I know I am weird haha

My wardrobe is colour co-ordinated and I like all my shoes and boots on display and not in boxes as I like to see them sitting there...does anyone else feel like this?  I have all my ballet pumps in a small storage basket as I find them easier to keep like that.

My belts are hung up on an Accessories hanger I got from Primark a few years ago for about a £2.  I have tonnes of belts!  My handbags are all stored neatly next to each other in colour order. 

I also have all my dresses hung up (winter and summer mixed) but in colour co-ordination.  I start with whites/cream/nudes then pinks/peaches then red then navy/blues/greens and lastly blacks/greys.  Maybe I am weird but does anyone else do this?  

I have a whole wardrobe of just dresses and then another wardrobe with skirts, tops, blouses, knitwear etc all in colour co-ordination.

I also have this obsession that I cannot have a messy wardrobe, everything has to be neatly on the hangers, they have to look tidy with any zips, buttons done up and belts tied up.   

I think because I love my clothing so much I like to keep it nice and well organised.  

I also keep my jewellery and hair accessories in a little storage drawers I got from B&M a while ago. My necklaces and hair wraps are hanging up on a little butterfly hook inside my wardrobe.

I spend a lot of money on clothing, I don't drink or smoke and have never taken drugs and I don't have any children (except for my cat who is my baby) so I all my money goes on clothing, holidays or the house.

People say you are always shopping but I say to them as long as I can afford it and my bills are paid what does it matter.  After all this is my little vice and it does not harm anyone else.  I work so why should I not spend my money how I like it!

Do you have any clothing rituals?  Do you like your wardrobe a certain way?

Take care


Sunday, 31 January 2016

Outfit post - Scallop Collar Ditsy Dress

Hi everyone

I thought I would do a quick outfit post.

We went out for Sunday lunch today with family and I always forget to take photos but today I remembered!

I wore this pretty Mela Loves London Dress which was in the sale at New Look for £10.00.  I am a sucker for ditsy florals and I love collars especially this scalloped collar.  

Dress - Mela at New Look
200 denier tights - H&M
Cream cardigan - Forever 21
Mink Boots  Dorothy Perkins
Belt - Accessorize

I must try to take more outfit posts in future.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year Sales purchases Part 1 - Dresses (photo heavy!!!)

Hello :) 

Well just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year,many apologies it's so late! I hope you all had a fabulous christmas. 

One thing I have loved about christmas this year is that I have not had to work!! I finished on Xmas Eve and dont go back till Tuesday...yipee.

Anyway onto the sales.............this post is a mix of online sales and actual shopping trips.

I must admit I have bought quite a lot in the sales so therefore thought I would do a post with the dresses only and then do a further post with Accessories etc.

I have found a new love for the shop Superdry.  I did not quite realise their clothing was so feminine and girly and I got a lovely couple of items

I got this Fall Print Tunic Dress in Winter Buds,this was £40.00 reduced to £20.00.  I used the stock photo as the photo I took did not do it justice!

and this Black lace ditsy vest, this was £15.00 reduced to £7.50.(sorry I know this is not a dress but wanted to add it as I got it the same time as the Superdry dress). 

In Debenhams online sale I purchased this Girls on Film Broderie Anglais Dress, I love this dress its ideal for summer and I really love broderie anglais. Got this in a size 8 too and it fits perfectly.  Was £35.00 reduced to £12.00.

Onto New Look and usually I find their sale to be fab but this year was not overly impressed.  I did however purchase this Mela Ditsy dress with Collar which was £22.00 reduced to £10.00,  I do love a collar!  This is a size 10 but looks rather big in the photo...I really love this dress.

In H&m I got all my sale stuff online and they were mainly very summery items.

I got this pretty Pink off the shoulder dress reduced to £8.00.  I totally love this its so girly and feminine.  

White Crinkle Cut Dress this was £10.00.  Its a lovely dress but has no lining but will look great with a nude slip under.  Also I was not keen on the tie waist so will cover this with a belt.

Black Floral cami dress & Cream Floral Cami Dress both reduced to a bargainous £2.00 each!  

Navy Bird Print dress - this was not in the sale but it was only £12.99.

Lastly ASOS where I ordered these 4 dresses in the sale.  I have not received them as yet so have used the stock photos.

Madam Rage Navy Daisy Crochet Dress  was £28 reduced to £20, not a massive saving but I love this dress.

 New Look Red Skater Dress was £24.99 reduced to £8.50. 

Iska Ditsy Dress was £35.00 reduced to £7.50

Lola May Navy Utility Shift Dress was £26.00 reduced to £7.00.

I will let you know what I think of them when they arrive.

Have you been buying much in the sales?

Look out for part 2 coming very soon :)